The Unknown

Have you ever just tried to look ahead far ahead beyond the eyes view… Into the Future.. its so blurry and so hard to Grasp the Unknown.

Look now closely within which way is your heart telling you to go, the mind is to confused to guide you so we listen to the feeling inside, the voice of happiness shows you the way and following the path of positiveness and soon happiness follows you along the way.

Sometimes we don’t know what to feel or say but that’s beautiful too, we don’t always need to speak to get through to everyone, sometimes your road you’ve traveled speaks for you so i say keep on moving further into the Unknown its so scary not knowing but Oh so beautiful and mesmerizing watching these new never seen before Places, Faces and Feelings become apart of your life story, sometimes a certain day a certain event in our lives could stay with us Forever in our mind, heart and soul.

Also the only Forever we have in this life is our best memories and as you get older the replay button feels so good and sharing it with people tying to paint a picture of a memory that brought so much joy and once again creating joy sharing and passing the memory to people with positive outlooks and know that the story is heard through the ears and felt by the heart.

The Unknown is too beautiful to be over looked and needs to be tried and tested over and over again so that you can see, feel and experience life in such way that its not all a staged feeling forget plans sometimes you don’t need a plan just an idea and figure it out as you go because plans never go as planned and all the fun fades away when you know whats next that’s why starting without one and making plans on the Unknown way the feeling is more intense and senses are all heightened by the way of the Unknown.

Quote from a GeminiMind

The roads untraveled and not thought of creates for the ultimate spiritual adventure and going down that road humble gets you so much further, don’t plan the future too much rather let it show you something beautiful.”

Published by: mavericksway

You are the one with a destiny and that is to be Great, we are all seekers searching for a place to call home i am very chilled and i want to take you through and beyond my mind so sit back relax and lets Read.

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